​​​​This is one of the fastest growing travel trends. Due to popularity, the number of ships and destinations are increasing.  Unpacking once and arriving in fabulous inland cities, rich with history, architecture, and the arts draws new and repeat passengers. 

Our agency has experience in customizing group tours and individual plans.  If you are an independent traveler, we can assist you in selecting international hotels, flights, and ground transportation. 

Big ship cruising is a classic and yet changing experience.  The traditional Caribbean cruises are still a hit, however, the cruise lines are adding some new innovations.  

River cruising includes gourmet food, local wines and beers, guided excursions, and did we mention ... the perfect combination of activity and relaxation. 

Cruises range from sailing on a ship so big that it is a destination in and of itself, to sailing on a smaller ship with multiple night stays and incredible luxury.  Let us help you navigate through all these choices and find the perfect sailing for you!​

There are a surprising number of distinct faith based trips available as the tour companies honor the idea that people who share values and faith also love to travel, laugh, and learn together. 




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Although the European cruises are best known, there are new and exciting itineraries in Asia and South America.

Contact us for specials and current pricing.

Perhaps your church would like to travel together and visit the places you study, we have not only assisted in the planning of these tours but have escorted them. Now that's full service!   

Land Tours

If your family would like to trace their heritage or just have fun making memories we have the contacts and expertise to make those arrangements.

Cruise lines are adding multiple night stays in amazing ports like Venice and St. Petersburg to allow passengers time to explore.

Using the services of a professional tour guide, the work and worries disappear as your transportation, accommodations, meals, and luggage are handled for you. 

Customized Tours.

What a relief to see the smiling face of your driver as you climb aboard a comfortable motor coach and take in the scenery instead of struggling on your own.

Ocean Cruises

So if you are considering a special interest trip for golf, culinary and wine tasting, or simply fun with friends, contact us we would love to help!​

 Faith Based Travel

Cruises are combined with land tour extensions​​ to get the "best of both".  Alaska is an excellent example of this with time in Denali National Park and a beautiful cruise along the Inside Passage.

The Ireland of St. Patrick or a visit to the Vatican and Italy are also popular choices.

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Escorted tours are becoming more and more attractive.  Current itineraries provide a great balance between group time - learning and visiting key sites, and free time - with afternoons or evenings to explore on your own.   Being a part of a group saves you valuable time and energy as you walk past long lines waiting to enter popular museums and attractions.

River Cruises

Visiting Israel - The Holy Land - to see the places described in Scripture is a dream for many Christians.​  Greece and Turkey are key destinations to trace the spread of the Gospel as described by Paul in his Letters.